Often during exhibitions, or in social media promoted content, Businesses use a curated catalogue specially for that occasion. It becomes absolutely crucial to access this data easily in order to fulfil the order packaging and shipment on time and get the ordered items delivered to the customer, at the earliest.

QuickSell provides the simplest route to view and export this data in a few simple steps :

  1. Open QuickSell App and click on the Catalogue

  2. On the top-right corner, click on ORDERS

  3. Click on a Customer

  4. Click on the Order

  5. Click on Send (in Orange Circle) and Select Export to Excel Option

  6. Your Excel file is ready. You can select either of:

    Download now - to immediately donload the Microsoft Excel Worksheet (.xlsx) file to your device.


    Receive by Email - to receive the Microsoft Excel Worksheet (.xlsx) file as an attachment to the registered Email ID

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