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How to add items to your order post confirmation ?
How to add items to your order post confirmation ?

Order modification : add items from a confirmed order.

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We have often come across calls or texts from our customers with a request to either add items to an already placed order (upon realiszing they have missed out on a couple of items) or the request was to remove one or many items from the order.

Moreover, sales team often receives and order only to realize that the customer has not ordered to their fullest potential and some hardworking sales-folks goes the extra mile by calling / chatting with the customer and consulting them with products that they should add on to their existing placed order.

In these scenarios, it is easier to add / remove items from the Order Page.

Add Items

  1. Click on Add Items

  2. Search for catalogue or product by clicking on the search icon on the top-right corner of the screen or click on any catalogue visible on the screen and select the products to be added.

  3. Click on Add to order button on the bottom of the screen

  4. A popup will apper to confirm the addition, click on ADD PRODUCTS button

The Product has been added and inventory will be automatically updated.

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