Although order estimate receipts are automated and customer may choose between email or whatsapp to receive the automatically generated and sent estimate receipt, there are situations where an updated receipt nees to be sent after order modification or in casr the customer request for it.

In QuickSell app, it has been made very easy to directly share the PDF from the order section itself, by following the below steps.

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In the oder page, click on the SEND button and you will have the below options:

  • Send Order Link - This will send a link to the customer via whatsapp. The customer can click on the link and see entire order summary with options to download product images of the ordered items.

  • Send PDF - This will directly send a PDF file to the customer via whatsapp.

  • Send B2B PDF - B2B Estimates tends to become long and with tremendous white-spaces; because in B2B product selection a customer might select multiple size, color or variant of a single product. The B2B PDF in QuickSell is organised to properly and concisely show all Order Information in a tabular format.

  • Export to Excel - By choosing this option the order details will automatically be converted into a Microsoft Excel Worksheet (.xlsx) file and can be shared via multiple channels including whatsapp.

LINK | PDF | EXCEL - Sent ot Customer via WhatsApp


QuickSell gives you the option to modify the Estimate PDF to better suit your printing requirements. Click on the PRINT button on the order screen and select from below options

  • Download PDF - Downloads the order as a .pdf file on your device/ system.

  • Download PDF - Downloads the B2B structured .pdf file on your device/ system.

  • Receive PDF by Email - receive the PDF as a mail attachment

  • PDF Settings - Gives you the ability to alter items in the PDF file by Toggle On/Off
    Images | Customer Details | Barcode and Click on Save

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