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How add shipping charge to a specific order?
How add shipping charge to a specific order?

Shipping charges addition to confirmed orders

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In order to take into account the charges borne by the seller often in B2B Businesses, Shipping charges are added extra depending upon the Place of delivery, the size or the weight of the consignment.

In QuickSell App, in the Order Section Shipping Charges can be added by simply clicking on the Add Shipping Button

You will get the option to add :

  1. Weight Based Shipping Cost - In case the weight is mentioned in the product.

  2. Custom Shipping Cost - Manually put an amount towards shipping charges

  3. No Shipping - In case seller is not shipping the order but buyer has arranged for the Shipping responsibilities or the Seller has decidedd to waive off the Shipping Charges

Click on Proceed. Shipping charges has been added in the order.

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