In order to give you a greater degree of control over who can see your catalogues, QuickSell provides you with different levels of privacy to better manage your catalogues.

In this section, we will learn about:-

  1. Different types of Privacy in QuickSell

  2. Different levels of Privacy in QuickSell

  3. Default Privacy Level in QuickSell

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  1. Different types of privacy in QuickSell

    QuickSell has three different types of privacy settings present. They are:-

    1. Public:- A public catalogue is accessible by anyone who has a link to your catalogue. You cannot block anyone from viewing a public catalogue. Public catalogues are excellent for your promotional products. This will ensure that if anyone forwards your link it will be a form of free publicity.

    2. Semi-Private:- A semi-private catalogue is like a public catalogue with the ability to block people or groups of people from accessing your catalogue. This mode works well for products that you wish everyone to see but would like to exclude certain people such as your competitors or former customers.

    3. Private:- A private catalogue is not accessible by anyone except to the people or groups of people to whom you have allowed access. These types of catalogues work best for customized products or for products that you do not wish to be shared with imitators, competitors etc.

  2. Different levels of privacy in QuickSell

    There are two levels of privacy present in QuickSell.

    1. Global level - As the name suggests the global level of privacy, is the global settings that get applied to all your store's catalogues. Here you get to set customers in two types of global groups:-

      1. Global allowed group - customer groups that will be granted access to all your existing and new catalogues.

      2. Global blocked group - customer group that will be blocked from accessing all of your existing and new catalogues.

    2. Catalogue level - These are the settings at the catalogue level. For example- If you only want to keep a certain catalogue private or semi-private while keeping the rest of them public or all your catalogues are private but there is one specific catalogue which you want to make public. Privacy at the catalogue level would help you achieve the desired result.

  3. Default privacy level in QuickSell

    The default privacy setting for your catalogues is Public, i.e anyone who has the link to your catalogues can view them and place orders or inquiries.

    The default privacy setting for your catalogues can be changed from the below option:-

    1. Tap the More button on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

    2. Select the Privacy Settings option in the Settings Screen.

    3. Tap on the Default catalogue privacy box in the Privacy Settings Screen.

    4. Select your preferred default privacy settings of the three options provided and then tap the Set Default Privacy button.

Now that we have stated the different types and levels of privacy settings QuickSell has, it is time we understand the use-case of the Privacy module through:-

  1. Group level privacy

  2. Catalogue level privacy

  3. Individual-level privacy

  4. Time-based catalogues

    1. Using the enable-disable catalogue visitor option.

    2. in-built time based option

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