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Catalogue Level Privacy
Catalogue Level Privacy

Learn how to use catalogue-level privacy setting

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Privacy settings are also present at the catalogue level. Privacy settings at the catalogue level give you more flexibility to block or allow access to only certain catalogues while keeping the rest of the catalogues at the default privacy level.

To understand this, better let's say you have a public catalogue with certain products, now you got a request from a b2b wholesaler who would like to put in bulk order for these products, so you share a private catalogue with him - which only he can access, which has prices( lower than retail) specially curated for him.

Catalogue-level privacy settings are present at the below three levels:-

  1. Public:- A public catalogue is accessible by anyone who has a link to your catalogue. You cannot block anyone from viewing a public catalogue. Public catalogues are excellent for your promotional products. This will ensure that if anyone forwards your link it will be a form of free publicity.

  2. Semi-Private:- A semi-private catalogue is like a public catalogue with the ability to block people or groups of people from accessing your catalogue. This mode works well for products that you wish everyone to see but would like to exclude certain people such as your competitors or former customers.

  3. Private:- A private catalogue is not accessible by anyone except to the people or groups of people to whom you have allowed access. These types of catalogues work best for customized products or for products that you do not wish to be shared with imitators, competitors etc.

To access catalogue-level privacy settings follow the below steps:-

  1. Click on any catalogue

  2. Click on Manage

  3. Choose Catalogue privacy settings

  4. Choose the access level you want for your catalogue

Now learn how you can allow/block certain customers and groups using the privacy options like Semi-Private and Private by clicking on the link here.

Learn everything about Privacy Modules through videos in - English and Hindi

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