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Time-Based Catalogues
Time-Based Catalogues

Share access to your catalogues based on a timer.

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We at QuickSell have added an additional privacy option for our users. You can now share your entire store with your clients with a timer.

They would get access to your catalogues only for the time you have specified. Isn't that empowering?

Also, with this feature, if anyone who doesn't have access to your catalogue, requests access, you get a push notification to allow them permanent or timer-based access.

In this article, we will discuss in detail:

Learn about Privacy Module in QuickSell here - link.


Timer-Based Catalogues - Hindi

Timer-Based Catalogues - English

Where to find timer-based privacy settings & how to give timer-based access

Currently, the timer-based privacy option is only available on QuickSell mobile.

In order to find and give timer-based access to your contact/client follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Store at the bottom navigation bar.

  2. Choose the Catalogue Privacy from the available options

  3. Choose Allowed customers list from the available options

  4. Add the contact you want to give access to

  5. Click on the 3 dots present with the contact and choose Set Timer

  6. Set the time and click SET TIMER

How to give access to someone who has requested access.

Now let us say you have a private catalogue and someone has requested access to it. The following events would happen:

  1. You'd get a push notification on your phone if someone outside your allowed list requested access to your private catalogue.

  2. You can allow that person permanent access to your catalogues or you could give him timer-based access, which expires once the timer is exhausted.

How to track users for whom the timer-based access has expired

You can track users for whom the trial-based access has expired by clicking on the Expired Users option present in the top-right corner of the Allowed Customer List.

If you wish you can ALLOW them access from the list as well.

See screenshot


Learn in detail about Privacy Module in QuickSell here - link.

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