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How to add categories to your website's frontpage?
How to add categories to your website's frontpage?

Learn how to create categories on your website's homepage.

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A website can be crucial to the success of any modern business; it is an enterprise’s online brand that attracts interest and helps sell services and products.

So to make it best in class and professional we have come up with a new feature - Categories Viewer! With this feature, you can create categories on your frontpage, link products/catalogues/pages to it and engage customers.

Adding a categories viewer to your store's website will:-

  1. help you sell your products faster

  2. help customers navigate better

  3. make your website more professional

In this article, we will discuss in detail

Explanatory Video

How to find Categories Viewer settings

  1. QuickSell Mobile

    1. Click on Store in the bottom navigation bar.

    2. Under Content choose 'Front Page'

    3. Click on 'Add Section'

    4. Choose Categories Viewer

  2. QuickSell Web

    1. Click on Account Settings on QuickSell Web

    2. Choose Content and Layout Section

    3. Choose Custom Front Page

    4. Click on Add Section

How to add a category to your store

Follow the steps below to add a category to your store.

  1. Choose Custom Front Page or Front Page Settings

  2. Click on Add Section at the bottom of the screen

  3. Choose Categories Viewer as the option

  4. Click on Add Category

  5. Enter the Category Name

  6. Upload the image

    The image should be Round in shape and small in size, preferably 128 x 128 or 256 x 256

  7. Add a Link to this category. Available options are discussed below - here.

  8. Add another category if you want, else click on Continue

  9. Give a Section Title

  10. Move this section UP or Down, in the order, you would like it to appear on your front page.

See the video above to see a detailed example.

Different Liking Options Available

In this section, we will learn about different linking options available to us when we choose Categories Viewer

  1. Link to product

    Here you can link any of your products. Once you click on it you'd get to choose the product from across your catalogues you'd like to link the category to.

  2. Link to catalogue

    Here you can link any catalogues of yours. Once you click on it all your catalogues would open up and you can select the one you want to link to the category item.

  3. Link to page

    Here you can link a page from within QuickSell. If you have created pages inside QuickSell, that can be linked here. Pages such as:-

    1. Front Page

    2. Privacy Policy

    3. Terms and Conditions

    4. About us

    5. Return and exchange policy

      In, case you want to learn how to generate a Privacy policy for your business, you can check the link - here

      And in case you want to learn how to add terms and conditions for your business, you can check the link - here.

  4. Link to external website

    Here you can link any external website that you want to the category item.

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