A privacy policy is a legal document of the website which explains the company’s details, establishment procedures, and views about the data they get from visitors. Even though it is an integral part of the website, the companies should check if the report is accurate and easily understandable to the common man. The main sections of the document are an introduction, information regarding the data, collection, and storage of the data, and the contact details.

However, creating a privacy policy might become a complex and time-consuming endeavor considering that the wording, structure, and overall document cover all the sections. Getting a privacy policy created from scratch while ensuring the major aspects are covered is the prime objective of the QuickSell Privacy Policy Generator

  1. Log in to https://web.quicksell.co/account-settings

  2. Click on Pages

  3. Click on the Pencil icon adjacent to Privacy Policy

  4. Put the details :
    Company Name

    Brand Name

    Website URL

  5. Then Click on Generate Button and click on Save Button on the top-right corner

Your Privacy Policy will automatically get created and live on the catalogue footer.

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