Hello! In this article, we will learn how using the Reseller Native App, resellers can put in orders for you, after adding their margin.

Note - This app is only available to those businesses that have purchased ResellShip( Reselling Mobile App) from QuickSell. If you plan to purchase the same you can fill out this form - here.

Reseller Native App - is your very own native mobile app available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Your resellers can download the app from either of the two platforms and start selling your products, from the catalogues you have published to the homepage.

If you want to know how to publish a catalogue on your store's front page, you can refer to the article - here.

In this article, we would learn once your reseller has downloaded your native mobile app,

  1. How can he place orders, after adding his reselling margin?

  2. How can he update the Reseller Profile?

How to place orders in the reseller app and how to add margins?

Once your reseller has downloaded the reseller app, he can follow the simple steps to place an order in the reseller app.

  1. Open the reseller native app.

  2. Open the desired catalogue.

  3. Select the desired product so that the product page opens up. Choose the right product options i.e size and variants.

  4. In the Add, Margin box add the desired margin.

  5. Click ADD TO CART button.

  6. Fill out the checkout form.

    1. Customer Details

    2. Reselling Details

    3. Shipping Address

  7. Then Confirm Order.


Choose the desired catalogue and product.

Add the Resell Margin and click Add to Cart.

Fill in Customer Details, Reselling Details and the Shipping Address. Click Confirm Order.

Once you the reseller submit the order. You can accept it in the Order Section of your QuickSell App.

Also, the resellers can track all their orders under the order section. See reference screenshot

How to set up Reseller Profile?

Resellers can also set up their profile, in the Reseller Native App, by following the simple steps.

  1. Click on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen.

  2. Choose PROFILE

  3. Now Update

    1. Your Name - this is going to be the default name going forward for the resellership.

    2. Default Margin - through this step, they can set their default margin on all products of your products.

  4. Click Save Profile

Once you click on Save Profile, the default profile would be saved across all products and during check-out, it will be auto-applied.


In case you want to learn how to engage your reseller channel on the go, using push notifications, head over to this article - here.

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