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Reseller App - Engaging resellers using Reseller app
Reseller App - Engaging resellers using Reseller app

Learn how to use push notifications and engage your reseller channel on the go.

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In this article, we will learn how to engage your resellers through push notifications using the QuickSell app. The notification would only go to those resellers who have downloaded your native app from the App Store or the Play Store.

In this article, we will cover:-

Where to find the Push notifications settings in QuickSell?

Note - Please note this setting is only available to those who have purchased the Reseller Native App from QuickSell.

In case you are interested in owning your own reseller native app? Fill out the form to get started - here.

  1. Click on the Store button on the bottom navigation bar.

  2. Click on the Push notifications from the menu options.

How to send a push notification?

You can engage your reseller channel by sending them push notifications on their downloaded app, about new catalogues published or the new products launched.

In order to do so, follow the next steps:-

  1. Click on SEND Now

  2. Give a Title, Description and if you want add an Image to the notification.

  3. Click Send push now

Post clicking, the notification would go to all your resellers who have downloaded the app.

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