In this article, we will discuss in detail all the options present in checkout settings.

In case you want to learn how to access checkout settings in QuickSell, you check the link - here.

In checkout settings, there are various options present. See the below screenshot.

In this article, we would learn about them one by one.

  1. Custom checkout form - here you can collect custom information from customers. This has been described in detail here.

  2. Capture shipping address - it is a toggle option, if you enable customers would be asked to put in their shipping address.

  3. Order confirmation message - this is a custom message, that you can display to your customer after they confirm their order.

    For example - "Thank You for placing an order with us. We will contact you soon."

  4. Minimum order amount - here you specify the minimum order amount, the customer needs to make a purchase of before placing an order.

    This option safeguards you from low purchase amount orders, where you might incur a loss as shipping costs could be more than the purchase value.

  5. Minimum order quantity - here you specify the minimum order quantity that the customer needs to put in for order confirmation.

    Once you provide any input here, it gets applied to all your products in your company by default.

    Also, Note - You can specify catalogue level and product level minimum order quantity as well.

  6. B2B Bulk Ordering - This option gives your B2B customers to select multiple product variants, such as sizes, colors and the ones you create, all at once and place large orders faster.

  7. Order receipts via Whatsapp - it is a toggle option, if you enable this customers would start receiving on their WhatsApp via QuickSell.

  8. Accept coupons at checkout - it is a toggle option, if you enable this customers would be able to apply coupons during checkout and avail discounts.

Learn about checkout settings in detail

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