In this article, we will learn about the Custom Checkout Form. We will learn how businesses can leverage this form to capture any additional information they may require from their customers.

Here you can specify separate fields and ask customers to provide information there. The information could be as simple as customer preference, or customer's business name, GST number etc. Also, QuickSell gives you the option to make any field as required or not.

Steps to create an additional field in Checkout Form

  1. Click on the Checkout Form option in the checkout settings.

  2. Click on ADD FIELD button.

  3. Enter the field name. And check the box in case you want to make that field a Required Field.

  4. Click on Save

Once you click on save the added fields start coming up in the Checkout Form options. From the home screen, you can toggle the field on or off or could move the field up or down.

Screenshots for reference

Learn about checkout settings in detail

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