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Group Level Privacy
Group Level Privacy

Learn how to use group-level privacy setting

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Global groups are groups which will be whose properties automatically apply to all new and existing catalogues by default. QuickSell has two Global groups that are accessible through the Privacy settings screen.

  1. Global allowed groups: All the members in these groups will be granted access to all of your existing and new catalogues by default. You can override these from the catalogue settings.

  2. Global blocked groups: All the members will be automatically blocked from accessing all of your existing and new catalogues by default

Accessing Global Groups

You can permanently block certain customers and customer groups from viewing any of your catalogues through the Global blocked groups setting or you can permanently allow certain customers and customer groups to view all of your catalogues through the Global allowed groups setting in the Privacy settings screen.

Follow the steps to manage the same:-

  1. Tap the More button on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

  2. Select the Privacy Settings option in the Settings Screen.

  3. You can now access both global groups from this screen. Tap on manage to add and remove groups.

The groups created by you would start appearing under Customer groups, you could manage them from here as well.

Now learn about the privacy options available at the catalogue level by clicking on the link here.

Learn everything about Privacy Modules through videos in - English and Hindi

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