Filters have become a necessary tool in e-commerce to narrow down and find a subset of products when the number of products is very high. Filters help in finding the desired products by selecting from the pre-determined criteria.

For example, when a customer comes to your shop, the customer says specifically to show products within a certain range, for certain occasions, for a particular size, and maybe for design, material quality, and other criteria. According to these criteria or filters, the sales representative takes out the products and shows them to the customer. This creates a personalized experience or curated experience for the customer.

In online commerce, often customers ask the seller to send product details under such conditions. QuickSell provides you the amazing opportunity to quickly list the products and send them to the customer hassle-free this saving time and effort of manually finding and sharing.

Applied filters also ensure that all product information including description and custom fields are intact in the shared products with ease of duplication and deliver the client with a curated personalized experience.

To filter products from your catalogs,

  • Open the desired catalog

  • Click on the Search button at the top of the screen

  • Tap the Filter button at the right side of the search bar

  • A dialog box will pop-up where you'll be able to filter based on Price, variants and Custom fields

    Filter by Price allows you to filter the products based on the exact same amount, a range, less than or more than the price mentioned

    Filter by Variant allows you to filter the products based on the Colors, Sizes, or any other custom variant that you've created for your products

    Filter by Field allows you to filter the products based on the Public and Private Custom fields you've created for your products

  • You can apply multiple filters to create a catalog with the products that best suit your customers' needs and then click on Apply Filter

  • Once the products have been filtered, select all the products that have been filtered

  • Now click on the Folder with a plus button at the top to copy these products to a new catalog.

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