Problem #1: Multiple rows with the same SKU

How to troubleshoot:

  • Open your excel file and select the SKU column

  • On the Home tab, click Conditional Formatting

  • Point to Highlight Cells Rules, and then click Duplicate Values

  • Next to values in the selected range, click unique or duplicate, and then click OK

  • Edit or delete the highlighted cells and then upload the file on QuickSell

    This blocker can also appear when the SKU codes are in Scientific format in excel

    When the numbers are in Scientific format, no cells will be highlighted on applying Conditional formatting because the values are essentially unique.

    Before uploading the file, make sure to change the format from Scientific to General or Text to avoid getting a blocker.

Problem #2: Specify Parent product SKU field

This dialog box appears when you have some value in the Size, color or any custom variant's column in the parent product row but do not have a Parent product SKU mentioned against them

How to troubleshoot :

In case you want to create these colors or sizes as variants, please mentioned the Parent product SKU as well

In case these values have to be a part of the Product description, please map this column with Product Description or a custom field while importing the file

Problem #3: The pictures uploaded on QuickSell and the data in the excel file are not matching and new products are being created.

Common mistakes:

  • While uploading the images, the image name (SKU code) was mapped with Product title but the same name is under the SKU column in the excel file which, when uploaded is mapped with the SKU field.

  • The product identifier (SKU/ Product Title) is not exactly same in the File system and in the excel file

    -The code in the product image is in lower case and the one in excel file is in upper case, or vice versa

    - Difference in the number of blank spaces in the code

    SKU code as the Product image name in the file system

    SKU code in the excel

    - Difference in special characters

    SKU code as the image name in the File system

    SKU Code in the Excel

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