While adding the product details through Excel, you can also create Size options, Color options or any other custom variant relevant to your business category.

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Creating single variant

In case you're working on QuickSell's template, you will already have Size/ Colour/ Custom variant and Parent product SKU columns. If not, you can create these columns in your excel file.

  • Start by adding a row for each variant or simply take a blank row

  • Add variant values
    - for creating size options, add values in the Size column
    - for creating color options, add values in the Color column
    - for creating custom variant, add values in the variant's column (make sure to create the custom variant on QuickSell before importing)

  • Copy the SKU of the parent product and paste it in the Parent product SKU column in the variant row.
    It is very important to map the Parent product SKU correctly otherwise a new product will be created while importing the file on QuickSell

You can add a different price, SKU and all other details for each variant in their respective rows

Note: While adding SKUs, make sure that none of the SKUs are exactly same. Every row should have a unique value in the SKU column

Creating variant combinations of two or more variants

When you have multiple options for a product (for example - A shirt is available in 3 colors - Red, Blue and Green, and in 4 sizes - S, M, L, XL, and in 2 fabrics - Cotton and Polyester), here's how you can upload them on QuickSell using Excel

Scenario #1 : When you do not wish to have a separate SKU, Price or any other details for each combination

You can simply add the list of variants in their respective columns and add the Parent product SKU against them

Upon importing this file, QuickSell will automatically generate all possible combinations of the variants but the details, such as price, would be same across all the combinations created

Scenario #2 : When you have different price and Sku for each combination

In this case, you will have to mention each combination in a different row along with their SKUs and prices

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