A custom layout is a combination of your custom theme, your layout views and action buttons.

  • While themes signifies your brand's color, combination, contranst and tone along with the associated messages in those colors which can be replicated on the catalogue so that the customer can resonate with your brand and has a stronger brand recall in the future. Learn how to create a new Theme

  • Layout views ensures that the relevant information is displayed in the correct size and shape as per the product or the category of the product, keeping in mind how the customer wants to view the product. How to use Layouts for different kinds of products ?

  • Action buttons drives the customer to action on a viewed product by either purchasing or by inquiring to the seller or via quotation request to supplier.
    How to change action buttons

Now imagine a combination of the right theme used with the relevant layout and coupled with an action button creating an unique customer buying experience.

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