Color plays a vital role in resonating your brand. Your company and brand might even have a stipulated color combination used for ages, that can create a brand recall to your customer. You might use the same color contrasts and combinations in your logos, website, images, catalogues, store items and even at time with you store decoration and branding.

By now you might have already learnt how to create a new theme.

Now let's learn where we can create or replicate the same color magic of your brand.

Learn where each color is used and applied in the theme:

  • Primary - The color used in primary is applied to the top filters, cart info (bottom tray) and in buttons [read more about all the buttons available on QuickSell]

  • Primary Text - The Text color used inside the top filter buttons, cart info (bottom tray) and in the add to cart buttons.

  • Background - This will apply the selected color to the catalogue or custom front page background entirely.

  • Background Text - This will apply the selected color to the texts on the background of the entire catalogue or custom front page background.

Theme Options:

  • Preview - See how aplied theme will appear to the customer

  • Edit - Edit existing themes and make changes

  • Select - from available themes, previously saved themes or newly created themes

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