Smart business owners ensures that their home page is always attractive and refreshing with changes brought in periodically. This is to ensure that is a customer re-visits, they should not see the same old website, which leads to customer drops.

Change in look and feels of the Custom Front Page ensures that the customer feels new proiducts have been added or the interface looks fresh.

Step 1 : Log in to your QuickSel Web Account on a PC Browser :

Step[ 2 : Click on Content and Layout on the left panel

Step 3 : Click on Custom Front Page Option

Step 4 : Click on the 3-dots and select between the options:

  • Edit - To make changes to banners, sections, products.

  • Change Title - Change the title of the section visible to your customers on the catalogue custom home page

  • Delete - Delete the entire section.

  • Move Up / Down - To rearrange by moving the section up or down on the custom front page.

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