How to create a catalog section ?
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Sections serve as a structured way of segmenting your product information that would be most relevant to your customers like :

  • Best Selling items

  • Shop By Categories

  • Shop By Brands

  • Shop By Occasion.

Customer View of Catalogue Sections

How to create a product section ?

Step 1 : Log in to your QuickSel Web Account on a PC Browser :

Step[ 2 : Click on Content and Layout on the left panel

Step 3 : Click on Custom Front Page Option

Step 4 : Click on Add Section Button and choose Catalogue Section

Step 5 : Add the catalogues you want to display on Front page then click on Continue

Name the Section and click on Save Section. It's done.

You have no limit to adding sections. So keep adding as many sections with combination of banners, products and catalogues.

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