Add image banners to your custom homepage and show offers or special products.

Step 1 : Log in to your QuickSel Web Account on a PC Browser :

Step[ 2 : Click on Content and Layout on the left panel

Step 3 : Click on Custom Front Page Option

Step 4 : Click on Add Section Button and choose Banner

Step 5 : Click on Add Banner and Upload Banner

Step 6 : Upload the Desktop and Mobile images as per suggested Size

Step 7 : Click on DONE

The screen size and aspect ratio of your mobile and PC screens are different. To ensure images don't get distorted, You can upload different sizes of the same image to better suit the screen size the catalogue is opening in.

Imagine your customer sees a 50% off on the Front Page. He click on the image but nothing happens, instead the next image casseroles through. That is exactly where we missed a customer click-to-action.

Now power your image into a button by adding a link/ url to either a product / catalogue uploaded on quicksell or external website.

By Clicking on Add Link, you may link the banner image to a product or catalogue or any external website. So whenever your customer will click on the banner image, the linked item shall open.

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