Increase conversion with QuickSell Live Analytics & Understand Bestselling / Top-Viewed products with Product Analysis.

Wide range of benefits that are associated with a buyer opting for online commerce, typically it becomes increasingly difficult for the seller to understand the sentiment and seriousness of the buyer on an online shopping platform. This inability to understand the customer’s reaction to the showcased products also leads to reduction in conversion and sales and hence affecting revenue.

The ability to capture and understand the activities of the buyer on an online commerce platform, allows the seller to also understand at what stage of the sales cycle they are losing the customer and establish the reasons for these lost sales.

For example, if a buyer has spent only a few seconds on the products before going offline, it can be inferred that the buyer was not serious about knowing more about the products. If the buyer spends more time on products in a particular catalogue, it can be determined that the buyer is looking out for a certain category of product. When buyers add items to cart and drop off without completing the transaction, it is usually when they are unsure about their purchase or might have trust deficits towards the seller or the product quality or might have found an alternate product with more competitive price.

Understanding these reasons helps business owners to better source their products, be more competitive with their pricing, and at most times, especially for high value products or for first time customers(in B2B) allows the seller to analyze this data and drive meaningful conversations in order to close the deal.

The visitor analytics have been kept really simple on QuickSell. Every time there is a new visitor or order, you are notified via app notification. For new orders, you also receive an email on the registered email address.

In the home screen of the app, you get a summary of your visitors and orders along with four preset time ranges :

  1. Today

  2. This week

  3. This month

  4. All time.

In every catalogue on QuickSell, firstly you will be able to view the live session of the customer who is currently live on any of your catalogue.

You will also be able to tap on to the visitors icon and view in depth all the visitors along with relevant information. The visitors are categorized basis their activity as:

  • Hot (Visitors who have maximum potential of buying)

  • Warm (Visitors who have a medium potential of buying)

  • Cold (Visitors who are not really interested )

  • Unknown (Visitor who has not provided their contact details )

  • W/ Phone ( visitors for whom Whatsapp / Phone number is available)

For every customer card, a summary visit information time and count along with Product Interest insights basis the maximum time spent on top interest products and an entire timeline showing the history of activities is being provided so you or your sales team can have meaningful conversations based on the customers past preferences and areas of interest.

For providing ease to you or your sales rep, options to Call / Text(WhatsApp) have been provided directly in the Visitor Analytics section. In case you come across a non-relevant visitor or your competitor whom you would like to block from further access or communication; the block/ unblock option will come handy.

Product Analysis

It also becomes relevant to understand your top selling products in any catalogue so you can rearrange the sequence of product arrangement in your catalogue and also have ample stock ready for your best selling items. You can access this information:

Click on the 3 dots [ ] and then on Product Analysis

Pro Tip : The chances of conversion is maximum when you reach out to customers within 15 minutes of understanding that their live session has ended without placing an order.

Communication with customers will also provide deep insights on your product and company and also on customers’ needs, wants and purchase patterns.

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