Learn everything about the reseller channel in QuickSell - English

Learn everything about the reseller channel in QuickSell - Hindi

How to resell a catalogue?

In QuickSell, you can resell a specific catalogue with your resellers through the mobile app.

In order to resell a catalogue, click on the share catalogue button.

There are multiple ways to share the catalogue. See the options below.

  1. Press hold the catalogue and then choose the share option.

  2. Select the catalogue and then choose the Share button

Once you click on the Share button, you would get the option to RESELL the catalogue. Choose that.

Now choose the preferred sharing option and share the link with your reseller.

Catalogues that have been shared via the resell function will have a download button when you open them.

How can resellers add their margin to the "resell" catalogue?

Now let us say you are a reseller, who has received a catalogue from your supplier.

Every resold catalogue would have a download button, when you open them.

Follow the steps to copy the catalogue to your reseller account.

  1. Click on the download catalogue option on top of the shared catalogue. Every resell catalogue would have this option.

  2. A dialogue box would appear. Click on Continue.

  3. Now Bulk Price Editor screen would open up. Now if you wish, you can add the margin in terms of percentage or a flat price either through the Set Bulk option or individually. Once done, click on Continue.

  4. Now the catalogue would be copied to your account, with the added margins.

  5. Now Happy Reselling :-)


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