Learn how you leverage the power of your reseller channel by inviting them to join your network through the QuickSell app.

Learn everything about the reseller channel in QuickSell - English

Learn everything about the reseller channel in QuickSell - Hindi

Invite Resellers

Once you are on the Reseller Channel screen, under the MEMBERS tab, there is an option to Invite resellers. Once you click on it you can choose the preferred medium to invite your resellers. For example, if you choose WhatsApp this is how the message would go.

Join Requests

Now once the reseller clicks on the joining link. He will be redirected to a webpage where he will be asked to sign in and register his account

Upon successful registration, you would get a joining request which you need to approve, under the JOIN REQUEST tab.

Manage Resellers

You can manage your resellers under the same MEMBERS tab. Press hold the Reseller and you would get the option to remove/delete him. See Screenshot.

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