How to pull reports of qualified catalog visitors on Quicksell

Data is considered as the new oil/ gold in the 21st century and the power to access data effectively in its most raw structured format gives you the ability to drill down in multiple aspects of your visitors, and also to retarget the visitors based on this data.

QuickSell gives you the fastest and simplest access to your data by simply :

Step 1 : Click on the more button represented by 3 Bars [] and Scroll to Reports
Step 2 : Simply put the start and end date > click on Receive Report

Done! You will receive the report on your registered email ID.

The Email with the attachments of the desired report looks like:

We are often asked: Why are reports sent only via email to registered address ?

Well, QuickSell is a multiuser tool and the app might be in the device of multiple users managing either sales / order.

To ensure the simplicity for user while protecting the data departmentalization, only users with access to email of your business shall be able to access the data allowing business owners to prevent data leakage.

The content of the email has 2 .csv(comma separated value) attachments:

1. Visitor - with data fields as:

Catalogue Title

Visitor Name

Visitor Email

Visitor Phone

Visitor Open Count

2. Visitor Logs - with below data fields :



Visitor Name

Visitor Email

Visitor Phone

Catalogue Name

View Time In Seconds

Pro Tips : Import the visitor information into your Sales CRM or for Retargeting Purpose using Facebook Pixels

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