Variants are different versions of the same product, distinguished by features such as size, color, dimensions, flavor, quality, etc.

Here are some examples of products having variants:

  • T-shirts available in different colors and sizes

  • Sofas varying in colors and number of seats

  • Mattresses with different dimensions (for one person or 2 people)

  • Smartphones varying in color and screen size

  • Screwdrivers available in different dimensions

A few things to understand before we begin with adding variants to our products on QuickSell -

1. Parent product - Parent product is the product model that includes the basic information like the name of the product, components, wash care instructions, etc

2. Parent product SKU - A parent SKU is used when you have different variations of the same product (sizes, colors, etc). Each size/color, etc of the product is a child of the parent. The parent is not a physical item for sale–it’s just a SKU created to link all of the child SKUs together

Let's take a well-known example of a T-Shirt.

A T-Shirt which is named as "Half sleeves T-Shirt with Polo neck" is available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large) and 2 colors (Blue and Black).
So the available variants for this T-Shirt are:

  • Blue - Small

  • Blue - Medium

  • Blue - Large

  • Black - Small

  • Black - Medium

  • Black - Large

Each of these variant combinations can have a different SKU, price, picture and inventory.

Learn how to create variants on QuickSell

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