Setting your Digital Store is essential. It helps you to attract visitors to your catalogue website and also helps in building trust between your store as a Brand and your clients. You must do certain basic but essential settings before getting started with QuickSell.

Steps to do the Complete Basic Account Settings :

  1. Open QuickSell

  2. Tap on the More button

  3. Select View & Edit your company




Upload your Company / Firm Logo.


Enter your name or registered company name (not visible to your clients).

Company Name

Enter your Company Name or Brand name (visible to your clients).


Select the Currency type you wish to deal in.


Setup a free domain (website address) provided by QuickSell - "" OR you can also connect your domain like .com / .in etc. Watch this VIDEO for more help.


Set up your Display Email & verify immediately with the link you receive in your mailbox (visible to your clients).


Set up / change your WhatsApp number (visible to your clients).


Enter your complete Business Address (visible to your clients).

Social Media

Enter your Social Media Profile/Page Link for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. It comes as a badge on your website

Video Guide (English) :

Video Guide (Hindi) :

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