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How to share the QuickSell login among your team members?
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Team Account Access feature enables you to share your QuickSell Account Login across all your team members. No username or password is required for multiple device login.

How to share QuickSell Account Access with other team members?

You can access the QuickSell account on multiple devices at the same time. For Mobile App access, ask your team members to download QuickSell App and DO NOT login. Follow the below steps to share the access.

Steps to share the login with multiple users/devices:

Video Guide (English)

Video Guide (Hindi)

Please Note :

  • No restrictions on multiple logins as unlimited users can access QuickSell Account using Desktop and Mobile Phone at the same time.

  • Changes made by any user will be applicable on QuickSell for all users.

  • The merchant should ask the team member to download QuickSell Mobile App from Google Play Store and DO NOT login from any other number or email address.

  • For security reasons, the shared link will remain valid for 5 minutes only so access the link to log in within this period.

  • There are two separate links for Desktop Login and Mobile App Login.

Steps to share the login with multiple users/devices:

Step 1: Open QuickSell App

Step 2: Tap on the More button

Step 3: Select Team Account Access

Step 4: Search the Contact(s) on WhatsApp with whom you want to share the login.

Step 5: Send the link and ask them to access the respective links for Desktop and QuickSell Mobile App login (within 5 minutes).

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