QuickSell allows you to capture the name and number of your catalogue visitors. You can call these users later to increase conversions or send them a personalised message about the new deals or offers and keep them engaged.

Once enabled, QuickSell would ask the visitor who has been on your catalogue for more than 15 seconds, to enter their Name and Phone Number. You can enable the same settings from the QuickSell web and mobile app.

QuickSell Mobile App steps to follow:-

  1. Open QuickSell mobile app

  2. Open any catalogue

  3. Click on Manage

  4. Click on Lead capture

  5. Enable Request Visitor Identity


QuickSell Web steps to follow:-

  1. Login to QuickSell Web

  2. Go to the catalogue section

  3. Click on any catalogue

  4. Click on the settings gearbox on the right

  5. Enable Request Visitor Identity


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