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Increase open rate & conversion.
Increase open rate & conversion.

Secret to make your unknown numbers on WhatsApp to get your store links clicked.

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There are multiple ways to share a catalogue with your customers. One of the best & QuickSell recommended methods is to share the Catalogue as a Brochure.

The Brochure option lets your customers reach your product via a single-page PDF shared on WhatsApp. If your number (seller’s mobile number) is not saved on your customer’s mobile phone then WhatsApp considers the shared link as spam and the link becomes non-clickable. However, to tackle this, you must consider sharing the catalogue as a Brochure, as this feature creates a single-page PDF containing a few thumbnails of the products & a button as “PRESS TO OPEN”. Once your customer hits this button, it redirects them to your catalogue website and increases the open rate.

Note: The PRESS TO OPEN button is a dynamic link, which means if your customer opens an old PDF shared by you, it will always redirect the customer to your catalogue that has the most recent updated information set by you.

Steps to share the Catalogue as a Brochure via QuickSell App:

  1. Open QuickSell App

  2. Open a Catalogue

  3. Click on Share Button

  4. Tap on WhatsApp

  5. Tap on Share Brochure


Steps to share the Catalogue as a Brochure via QuickSell Web:

  1. Visit - and login into your account

  2. Navigate to the Catalogue's SHARE button

  3. Click on the BROCHURE option

  4. Open the downloaded Brochure PDF file and share it with customers.

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