You can offer a price benefit to your customers when they buy in bulk for you.
The more they buy, the more benefit they get on each unit.

QuickSell allows you to create price slabs so that you can pre-define the price per unit based on the quantity the customer purchases.

Steps to create slabs for a product:

1. Open the desired catalogue.
2. Select the product you wish to add the slabs to
3. Tap the Edit (pen) button at the bottom right corner of the screen. This will open up the product editing screen.
4. Click on the Bulk discount button below the Product price.

5. Here you can add as many slabs as you wish from the Add price slab button.
6. Then you simply need to set the quantity range and put a price against each slab.
7. Once you've added all the slabs and set a pricing for each of them, click on Set pricing to save it.

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