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Shipping Settings - How to add custom shipping settings and create weight profile?
Shipping Settings - How to add custom shipping settings and create weight profile?

Learn more about custom shipping settings and creating weight profiles.

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The shipping cost settings allow you to collect shipping costs on orders from your customers.

To go to this setting in Mobile App

  1. Click the More option at the bottom navigation bar.

  2. Choose Shipping Cost Setting in the menu option.

  3. then choose Custom Shipping

You first need to enable the Collect shipping cost setting.

Once you enable it, the screen has the following options:

  1. Home city

  2. Weight unit

  3. Shipping mode

  4. Shipping zones

  5. Weight profiles

Home city

You will have to mention the city where your company is located.

Weight unit

You can select whether you want the shipping charge to be calculated based on Kilograms or pounds.

Shipping mode

Shipping mode is the mode of transportation of the products. QuickSell gives you the liberty to create your own shipping modes along with a standard mode which is there by default.

You can enable or disable a shipping mode anytime and you can also add a separate charge for each of the shipping modes based on different shipping zones.

Shipping zones

The shipping zones are segregated on the basis of geographical areas.

QuickSell provides you with 3 shipping zones to select from:

  1. Within city (your home city)

  2. Within state

  3. Everywhere

You can select or deselect a shipping zone anytime you wish to and also add a separate charge for each of them.

Weight profiles

Weight profiles are the different weight slabs that you can create according to your need.

To add a new weight profile:

  1. Click on Create weight profile

  2. Add minimum and maximum weights.

  3. You can select no upper limit if you do not want to add an upper limit to the weight profile.

You can edit or delete a weight profile anytime you wish to and add a separate charge for each of them as well.

Once all these details are entered, click on ENTER RATES.

You will see all the shipping profiles that you created based on different shipping modes and shipping zones selected.

Next step is to enter rates for each of these shipping profiles.

  1. Click on Enter rate on the right-hand side of each shipping profile.

The page will have the following options:

  1. Minimum order amount for free shipping.

You can set an amount above which the shipping cost will be FREE.

2. All the weight profiles you created.

To enter rates for each weight profile

  • Click on the pen button on the right-hand side of the weight profile

  • Enter the rate

  • You can select if you want to charge a flat price no matter what the total weight of the products is, or you can charge for each kg or 500gms.

Once you are done adding the rates to all the shipping profiles, you need to assign a weight to each product for the shipping charge to be added.

To assign a weight

  • Open a catalogue

  • Select a product

  • Tap on the edit button on the bottom right corner of the screen

  • Select the more section

  • Add a weight

You can also bulk edit the products if they are of the same weight.

  • Long press a product

  • Select all the products you want to assign the weight to.

  • Click on edit

  • Add weight in the weight section

  • Click on save

You can also assign a weight to a product while bulk uploading products via excel file

  • While uploading the excel file map the weight column from the excel sheet to the weight field in the QuickSell bulk upload mapper.

You can also add/edit a FLAT SHIPPING CHARGE once the order has been received.

  1. Go to the orders section.

  2. Click on the order you want to add the shipping charge to.

  3. Click on ADD SHIPPING.

  4. Click on custom shipping cost and add the amount you want to.

You can also remove the shipping cost for a particular customer by clicking on No Shipping.

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