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Using PayTM in QuickSell
Using PayTM in QuickSell
Written by Deepak Bhagchandani
Updated over a week ago

Connecting your PayTM account to QuickSell

In order to start using PayTM in QuickSell, you will need to first connect your PayTM account to QuickSell. You can access the payments dashboard as shown below,

  1. Tap the Options menu on the top right hand corner of the All catalogues screen.

  2. Select the Payments Dashboard option in the Options menu.

  3. Tap the settings icon on the top right hand corner of the Payments home screen.

  4. Tap the Connect button in the Select a payment gateway box.

In order to proceed further you will need to fill in your Merchant ID and Merchant Key. You can find this out by following the steps below.

Activating your Merchant ID

In order to obtain your keys you will have to ensure that your PayTM account is fully activated. This will mean that your KYC  would have to be fully completed and compliant. 

In order to activate your merchant ID from the website click on the link provided below and then click the Activate account box as highlighted in the image below

Obtaining your Merchant ID and key

Once your account is fully activated you can find out your Merchant ID and key by clicking the API Keys button on the link below. You can now enter your ID and Key into the app

Sharing your payment link across to your customers

You can share a payment link of your products to your customers as shown below


  1. Open the catalogue whose products that you wish to generate a payment link for.

  2. Select the product that you wish to generate a payment link for by opening up the Edit product screen.

  3. Tap the Payment option on the top of the Edit product screen.

  4. This will open the payments tab, you can now select the contact that you wish to share across the payment link to. You can also change your price, adding shipping as well as tax from within this tab.

  5. You can see how this will look in the customer view photosets above.

Customer Payments through QuickSell baskets

Your customers can also pay through PayTM when they place an order through QuickSell. You can see how this payments flow works in the photoset below.

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