This post covers how you can publish your catalogues to your homepage. 

Publishing multiple catalogues instantly 

  1. Tap the Options button on the top right hand corner of the All catalogues screen.

  2. Select the Select catalogues option in the Option menu.

  3. You can now select the catalogues that you wish. You can select one or multiple catalogues.  

  4. After selecting the catalogues that you wish to publish tap the Publish to Homepage button at the bottom of the All catalogues screen.

Publishing to the home screen from the catalogue settings screen

You can also publish each catalogue to the home screen through the catalogue settings screen for each individual catalogue.

  1. Open the catalogue that you wish to publish to your homepage.

  2. Tap the Manage button.

  3. Select the Publish to QR, homepage option in the Options menu.

  4. Scroll to find the Publish to Homepage option and then enable toggle the switch on.

Publishing your catalogues from the Sharing Menu

You can also publish your catalogues from the various sharing menus available within the app. You can see how this will appear in the image below.

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