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Responding to customer inquiries
Responding to customer inquiries
Written by Deepak Bhagchandani
Updated over a week ago

Customers who place orders and inquiries on your catalogues are visible on the inquiries screen of each catalogue. This post will cover responding to these customers.

Responding to Inquiries

  1. Open the catalogue whose inquiries you want to respond to.

  2. Tap the Inquiries option on the top right of the Catalogue Screen.

  3. This will open the list of customers who have placed inquiries. Select the customer who you wish to contact.

  4. You can now see all the Inquiry baskets that this customer has created. Select the basket whose products you wish to see.

  5. You can contact the customer through the Contact button as highlighted in the Inquiry Baskets shot in the photoset above. You can chat as well as call them through the menu that pops up on tapping the Contact button.

  6. Individually respond to each of the product by tapping the Reply button below each product as highlighted above. This will directly open a WhatsApp chat with the customer. You can see how this will look in the Customer View photoset.

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