The Visitor analytics suite provided by QuickSell allows you to gain an indepth understanding of your customer. This allows you to keep tabs on what their preferences are, their viewing habits etc. The rest of this post will cover the basics of visitor analytics in QuickSell

Live Visitors

Every time a someone opens any one of your links, the app will notify you by sending a push notification. You can then see open the app for more details

  1. Select the catalogue that is currently being viewed right now.  This is highlighted as visible in the All Catalogues Screen.

  2. Tap the Visitors box on the top left of the Catalogue Screen. This will be highlighted in red as well. You can see how this would look in the Catalogue Screen shot in the photoset above.

  3. You can now see the details of the customer who is currently viewing you catalogue. On tapping this you will be able to see the customers contact details as well as the products they are currently viewing.

Previous Visitors

You can also go through all the previous visitors to your catalogues through the visitors box. We have highlighted how you can do this below

  1. Select the catalogue whose visitors you want to view.

  2. Tap the Visitors box on the top left of the Catalogue Screen.

  3. You can now see all the previous visitors for the catalogue since the time it was created

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