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Analysing Customer Behaviour
Analysing Customer Behaviour
Written by Deepak Bhagchandani
Updated over a week ago

Through the visitor analytics suite you can understand each of your customers in a detailed manner. The guide below will show you how to get all the relevant metrics for a catalogue visitor.

Analysing customer behaviour on QuickSell

  1. Select the catalogue whose visitors you want to understand better.

  2. Tap the Visitors box in the top left of the Catalogue Screen.

  3. Select the visitor whose catalogue viewing behaviour you want to cover

  4. You will now be able to see all the activities that this customer has conducted with regards to your catalogue.

Areas covered in the visitor analytics screen

  1. Customer contact details: This will contain the visitors email address as well as phone number.

  2. Total view time: This is the total time a customer has spent viewing this particular catalogue across all his sessions

  3. Percentage viewed: The percentage of all the products the visitor has viewed in the catalogue

  4. Opens: The number of times the visitor has opened the catalogue.

  5. Inquiries: The number of inquiries this particular visitor has placed for products in this catalogue.

  6. Product Interest: Products in the catalogue that the visitor has spent the most time viewing.

  7. Not seen products: Products in the catalogue that the visitor has not viewed.

  8. Past viewing sessions: All the times that the visitor has opened the catalogue along with viewing times

  9. Viewing activity: Products viewed in previous sessions

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