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Sharing Images in QuickSell
Sharing Images in QuickSell
Written by Deepak Bhagchandani
Updated over a week ago

QuickSell also allows you to share just a images instead of catalogue links if you wish to do so. This can be used if you just want to share a single image or multiple images to a customer. The following post will cover sharing images on WhatsApp. However you can share these images on whatever digital medium you choose.

As highlighted in the image below, you can send these images with description and pricing data if you wish to. In case a discount is applicable to the product, then that will be visible as well.

Sharing Images

  1. Open the catalogue that you wish to share with your customer.

  2. Tap the Edit button at the bottom right of the Catalogue Screen.

  3. Select the images that you want to share by clicking the checkbox next to them and the tapping the Share button on the top of the Catalogue Edit Screen. 

  4. Select the WhatsApp logo in the Image Sharing Menu Screen that pops up. If you wish to share this on another medium then scroll the menu to the left and then click the Share icon to open up other sharing options

  5. If you wish to add pricing information to your images you can do so by enabling the Show pricing option. Select where you want the pricing and title information to be displayed in the images by in the options provided in the Image Sharing Menu.

  6. Tap the Share Product Images button in the Image Sharing Menu. This will open up WhatsApp where you can now share the images to your customer.

Sharing Images on other mediums

  1. Follow all the steps mentioned above upto the Image Sharing Menu Screen 

  2. Scroll the menu to the left and then click the Share icon to open up other sharing options

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