QuickSell provides you with a unique QR code that you can print on your business cards, brochures, exhibition stalls or put up as WhatsApp statuses and display pictures. You can attach your catalogues to the QR code, thus when anyone scans the QR Code or clicks the QR link they will be directed to the catalogues that you have attached to the QR.

Using your QR Code

  1. Tap the Options button on the All Catalogues Screen.

  2. Select the Settings options in the Options menu.

  3. Select the Company QR code option in the Settings Menu.

  4. You can now see your dedicated QR code for your QuickSell account. You can use the sample designs provided to add to your business card. Tap on them for more options.

  5. You can also copy the link below the QR Code. Anyone who clicks the link will be redirected to the catalogues in the QR code.

Attaching a catalogue to the QR Code

  1. Open the catalogue that you wish to attach to the QR code.

  2. Tap on the Options button on the top right of the Catalogue Screen.

  3. Select Catalogue Settings in the Options Menu that pops up.

  4. Enable the Publish to QR option in the Catalogue Settings Screen.

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