You can also share multiple catalogues through a single link. This will provide your customers with one link to browse all the catalogues that you have sent.

Sharing multiple catalogues

  1. Tap the Options on the top right hand corner of the All Catalogues Screen.

  2. Select the Select catalogues option in the Option menu in the All Catalogues Screen.

  3. Select the catalogues that you want to club and share across by tapping the checkboxes next to them.

  4. Tap the Share button at the bottom of the All Catalogues screen.

  5. Select the medium through which you wish to share this clubbed catalogue. For the purpose of this guide we will be using WhatsApp. 

  6. Ensure that you have selected the Share a single link option in the following Sharing Menu pop up and then tap the Share a single link button on the bottom of the menu.

  7. This will now open WhatsApp, where you can search for the customer you want to share the link to and then share it across. The Customer View Screen provides an example of how this could look.

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