Customers today need immediate support and assistance. Hence it is extremely vital that your customer receives a satisfactory response the moment they reach out to you. WhatsApp Business allows you to auto respond to any messages that are sent to you, this coupled with a QuickSell link allows your customers to be engaged even when you are not immediately available to send a response.

Auto-Respond with your QuickSell Catalogue on WhatsApp Business 

  1. Tap the Options button on the top right corner of the WhatsApp Business chat screen.

  2. Select the Settings option (Step 1).

  3. Select the Business settings option in the Settings Screen. (Step 2)

  4. Select the Greeting message option in the Business Settings Menu. (Step 3)

  5. Enable the Send greeting message button. (Step 4)

  6. Enter the message you wish to send across whenever a customer texts you by tapping the edit button. Copy and paste the QuickSell link you want your customers to see in this message.

  7. Tap the Save button on the top right of the screen. (Step 4)

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