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How to create a catalogue
Import from WhatsApp, Dropbox and other apps
Import from WhatsApp, Dropbox and other apps
Written by Deepak Bhagchandani
Updated over a week ago

You can quickly create catalogues of images sent to you via WhatsApp chats. This will be very useful to quickly build out your catalogues from images saved in your WhatsApp Chats.

  1. Open the desired chat on WhatsApp

  2. Tap the Options tab on the top right

  3. Select the More option at the bottom of the menu (Step 1)

  4. Select Export Chat (Step 2)

  5. Select Include Media (Step 3)

  6. Select the QuickSell icon in the Share with panel that pops up.

  7. Enter your catalogue name and then tap Create Catalogue (Step 4)

This will automatically create a catalogue of all the images in the the chat. 

How to create a catalogue from Dropbox

You can similarly use any other app like Dropbox to create a catalogue in QuickSell. Simply select the images that you want to create a catalogue of in Dropbox and click on the Share button. This will bring up a share dialog which will have the Create QuickSell catalogue button. Once you click on that button, you can enter a catalogue title, and a catalogue will get created from those images.

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